This poem is about this person who is in the holocaust and it’s sad and heartbroken inside but they must not lose hope and faith.
I’ve met enough people.
Seldom a human being.
Therefore, I will wait
until my life’s purpose
is fulfilled
and you will come.

Though there is anguish
deep in my soul – 
what if I must search for you forever? – 
I must not lose faith,
I must not lose hope.

This poem makes me feel sad because the author doesn’t wanna be there in the camp and the author is heartbroken and sad inside because in the poem it saidthat “though there is anguish deep in my soul” and anguish means like sad and
heartbroken. So that makes me feel sad. What do you think?

What I learned about this is that is really hard to do this and sad to learn that many Jews had to go to concentration camps and some of them would die.


  1. You have all the parts needed, but very general. As you go on to high school, I want to remind you that it's not about just finishing a project as fast as possible, but about taking the time to do it really well. You and Jose could have put so much more effort into this!

  2. Something from you’re butterfly that I like was how you drew visuals but another thing that you need to add is more pictures


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