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Compare and contras the outsiders

There are many similarities between the movie and the book from the outsiders. one way that there similar is that in the movie and in the book pony boy,Darry and johnny went to the movies and they met these  girls named cherry and Marcia and Darry was being mean to cherry. Another similarity is when ponyboy cuts his hair and dyes it. In both the book and the movie they explain how ponyboy and johnny cut there hair and dye it.

The movie and book are different One way that are a different are that in the beginning of the movie it starts different then the book in the movie it starts out by ponyboy sitting in writing in his notebook. And in the book it starts by ponyboy Darry and johnny coming out of the movie theater and johnnny gets jumped.Another way the movie and the book are different are that the movie is way shorter than the book because in the movie when pony boy and Dallas were arguing it was already half way through the book.

My opinion about the movie was that it was to short …

My favorite things to do

My favorite things to do are to go to the park and play soccer with my friends or my brother. I also like to play video games my favorite video game is FIFA 17. I like to go on my phone and text with my friends.


My identity is that I like to play soccer and basketball.  I'm Mexican everyone in my family speaks Spanish. My favorite thing to do is go to the park and play soccer with my friends.