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Slice of life

The day I went to Jose house we hungout we play sooner for a while which was pretty fun and then we went and play fifa 16 I told him let's have a match and let's see who's better so he said "ok" so he pick his and I pick my team and it was a pretty good game but at the end i lost It was the 5-4

What I'm loving

What I'm loving is my family I love my family so much and I love hanging out with my friends and playing with them. I love playing soccer and basketball some other things that I love is going to the movies and go shopping. I love spending time with my family playing with them. I love my shoes. Does are some things that I love what are some things that you like?

Big Nate Game On

The book I read is called Big Nate Game On the book is about this kid name Nate who is in 3 sports he's in basket ball, baseball, and soccer he doesn't want to do unmistakable swagger. He wants to be perfect in the sports that he's in he doesn't want to do any mistakes. I like this book because It talks about sports and I like playing sports i like playing basketball and soccer. Read to find out if Nate makes mistakes or not. Do you think you could read this book?


The poet is saying that is saying what are the things that you wouldn't live without that's what is saying. I like this poem because it telling you what important things are important to others. The poem is mostly about what important things are to others. Overall I like this poem. What do you think about this poem?


I love listening to music. I couldn't live without music I love music a lot the music that I like to listen is hip hop and Mexican music but I listen more to hip hop because I just love it my favorite rappers are Montana of 300,chief keep, lil uzi vert, 21 savage, Kodak black, lil yachts, famous dex, lud foe those are all the rappers that I listen to. What's your favorite type of music to listen to?


A advice that my mom had giving me is  " to never give up on something you really want"  and that's true never give up on something you really want. I want PS4 and I have to fight for it. So my parents could buy it for me I have to be good get good grades and stay out of trouble in school. I'm trying to get good grades and stay out of trouble. And I know I could do it I just have to believe in myself. What's one advice someone has giving you or that you have given to someone?

Big Nate on a roll

the book I read is called Big Nate on a roll and it's by Lincoln Peirce. The genre of this book is realistic fiction.this book about this kid called Nate he's a scout and they had a meeting he was supposed to meet with his friend teddy but Nate didn't made it because he bump into a lady and a dog with his skateboard and his skateboard flew of under the bridge. He got to his friend house but the meeting was over the meeting was about they are having a fundraiser and another thing is that someone new join and his name is Arthur. So for the fundraiser they have to sell warm fuzzies their wall hangings and the grand prize is a skateboard so the one that sells the more wins the skateboard.
I like this book because it's funny and it's fun to read. Read to find out if Nate wins the skateboard. Do you think you would read this book?