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Quote blog

This is one my of my favorite quotes. I like this quote because it motivates me. This quote is saying that you have to fight for what you want and no matter what if spyiur having a bad day just keep on going with your day never give up.

My top 3 movies

Today I will be talking about my top 3 movies I really like watching movies. I have other movies that I i lie but here are my top 3 movie that I really like.

Straight Outta ComptonFast and furious 78 mile  Those are my top 3 movies that i really like what is your favorite movie?

The best soccer team

Today I'm going to be talking about the best soccer team this is my opinion. I think the best soccer team is Barcelona because it basically has like all the best players like Messi, Neymar, Luis Suarez, etc those are the top 3 best players in the soccer team. What's your opinion what team do you think is the best soccer team?


My word for 2017 is hardworking the meaning of hardworking is (of a person) tending to work with energy and commitment; diligent. I choose this word because I think I'm hard worker I do my assignments for class and I do my homework when they give us. And I want to keep up doing my work and making my parents proud.

What I do on vacation

What I do on vacation is sleep 😴, play video games 🎮, Play soccer ⚽️ , go to the mall, watch the tv and stay at my house. What do you like to do on vacation?