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Perfect holiday

The perfect holiday is Christmas because you can spend time with your family and the think I like about Christmas is that my grandma and my mom are the ones that do all the food and it’s delicious. I also like having my cousins because we play and laugh about things. And I like opening presents with my family. And have a good time.

Compare and contras the outsiders

There are many similarities between the movie and the book from the outsiders. one way that there similar is that in the movie and in the book pony boy,Darry and johnny went to the movies and they met these  girls named cherry and Marcia and Darry was being mean to cherry. Another similarity is when ponyboy cuts his hair and dyes it. In both the book and the movie they explain how ponyboy and johnny cut there hair and dye it.

The movie and book are different One way that are a different are that in the beginning of the movie it starts different then the book in the movie it starts out by ponyboy sitting in writing in his notebook. And in the book it starts by ponyboy Darry and johnny coming out of the movie theater and johnnny gets jumped.Another way the movie and the book are different are that the movie is way shorter than the book because in the movie when pony boy and Dallas were arguing it was already half way through the book.

My opinion about the movie was that it was to short …

My favorite things to do

My favorite things to do are to go to the park and play soccer with my friends or my brother. I also like to play video games my favorite video game is FIFA 17. I like to go on my phone and text with my friends.


My identity is that I like to play soccer and basketball.  I'm Mexican everyone in my family speaks Spanish. My favorite thing to do is go to the park and play soccer with my friends.

When I went to the beach with Abel and Diego

Abel, Diego, and me when to the beach in Chicago.And went to the water and we went deep because we wanted to be were the big waves were. When we got were the waves were we were waiting till the waves come so we could go with them. And that's it we all had fun!

Top 5 shoe stores I like

1. Foot locker
2. Finish line
3. Nike
4. House of hoops.
5. Champs


What I'm gonna do on vacation is go to my cousins house in Indiana. I'm excited to go because I haven't seen them in along time we play soccer, basket ball, PS4 and when it's a nice day we do barbecue all the family goes and we have fun. And another thing I'm gonna do is go to the beach. What are you gonna on your vacations?

Book clubs

I really enjoy book clubs. It's fun because you could share your ideas of the book to your book club members. you could talk about what's happening in the book. I like reading with someone else because you concentrate more.


Fall is here.
The leaves turn yellow on the trees,
the campfire dies out.
My thoughts are far from here,
somewhere far,t
where integrity lives.
It lives in my friend.
Now I think of her.
Memories gather ‘round me
Like the falling leaves.

My favorite teams

my favorite teams in soccer are Barcelona,  America, Bayern Munich, Argentina, Brazil, those are all my favorite teams.The one that I like the most is America because I like how they play. some people don't like that team cuz they say they cheat and there cry babies but I like them. what are your favorite teams? Or what's your favorite team?

Book blog

The book I read is called Diary of a wimpy kid Double down and it's by Jeff Kinney the genre of this book is fiction. This book is about this kid named Greg and he plays too much video games and his mom tells him to stop playing video games and explore some other stuff. One reason I like this book is because he likes video games and I like video games too.

SOL#13- my favorite season

My favorite season is summer because it's the season we're we don't have to wear a jacket, sweater, gloves, scarfs, and we could wear shorts, tank tops and flip flops. I like summer to because is the season that we get to go outside and play, go to the beach and do cookouts. What's your favorite season?

SOL#12- what are some of my favorite activities

What are some of my favorite activities are I like playing soccer with my friend and brother, I like to play basketball with my friend Jose, I like going to the park with my brother and play catch or play soccer, I like going on my phone and Text with my friends and listen to music.My favorite activitie to do is go to the park and play soccer. What is your favorite activitie to do?

SOL#11- A time I mowed the lawn

A time I mowed the lawn was when I wanted to get some money for something I  really wanted and my parents said " ok if u want to earn money then mowed the lawn" and I said ok so I started the machine on and I started to mowed the lawn and then I finish and my parents gave me  $20 and I was happy. Have you ever mowed the lawn?

SOL#10- A time i made a sandcastle

A time i made a sandcastle was when me and my family went to the beach and my cousins and my brother we went to the sand and we my brother said "we should make a sandcastle" so we said ok and we started doing it and it wasn't coming out good like it didn't look like a sand castle it was tilted and like the sand well fell of. Have you ever made a sandcastle?

SOL#9- A time i fell and got hurt

A time I fell and got hurt was when me, my brother and cousin were playing dizzy penalties is a soccer game u basically just have to spin ur self how many times u want and then u have to shoot the ball to the goalie. So It was my turn and i had to spin and I was spinning so hard I was to dizzy that when I was about to kick the ball I fell and hurt my self really bad and I was bleeding a lot. What's a time you fell and got hurt?

SOL#8-My best friend

My best friend is Jose I've been knowing him since 4th grade we didn't talk that much at the beginning but then we started to talk more and from there he became my best friend he's an awesome friend, he makes me laugh all the time sometimes. we get mad at each other but at the end of the day we're not mad anymore. Who's your best friend?

SOL#7-book blog

The book I read is called the boy who couldn't die by William sleator. The genre of this book is fiction the book is about this kid name ken who made a promise that he would never died. Because his best friend died on an airplane crash and he said that he would never died. He found this lady that claims that he could make ken invulnerable so that means that he can't died and he has to pay $50. Ken can't died but he can kill as long as he's awake

SOL#6- my favorite sport

My favorite sport is soccer. I love playing soccer i like playing with my brother and when I hangout with my friend we usually play soccer. I know people think that soccer sucks or that is not intertwining but how are u gonna know if u haven't play it or watch a soccer game. My favorite soccer team is Barcelona there like the best team they have the best players. My favorite player not the team is Messi because I like how he plays. And he's the best of the other ones. What's your favorite sport?

SOL-#5What I do on the weekend

On the weeken I usually sleep because I love sleeping. Then my family and I go out to eat.what I do too is I hangout with my friends. I go to the park too with my brother and play soccer. Another thing that I do on the weekend is text with my friends. Sometimes me and my family go shopping. What I do on the weekends too is spend time with my family and have fun. What are something that you do not the weekends?

SOL#4- how I feel on Friday

On Friday's, I'm usually feeling happy because is the last day of the week and we don't get to go tho school until Monday. And we get to spend more time with are families. I feel happy to because i could go hangout with my friends like going to the park, movies, or the mall. I feel happy because I get to spend time with my family because we don't get to spend a lot time family because we're most in school. How do you feel on Friday?

SOL#3-what do I like

Here are somethings I like. I like to go to the park and play soccer with my brother or with my friends. I like to listen to music too I love music my favorite type of music is rap. I like buying shoes I like buying a lot of Michael Jordan's shoes because there my favorite type of shoes. I like playing viedoe games too my favorite types of video games that I like are fifa17,NBA 16, gta5, and fighting games. Those are somethings that I like. What are somethings that you like?

SOL#2-a time i laughed so hard

A time i laughed so hard my stomach hurt was when my brother was saying funny things and was making funny faces. I was laughing so hard he was making some really funny faces. Another time i laughed so hard was when my cousin was making some really funny jokes.well those are some times I laughed so hard. What is one time that u laugh so hard?

SOL#1-hanging out with my brother

One day when it finally got warm outside i went outiside and play soocer with my brother and we were playing for a while then we just got bored and we decided to ride are bikes we just ride around and we went to 7 eleven to get slurpees because we were thirsty. Then we went back home and we play video games and enjoy are slurpees.

Slice of life

The day I went to Jose house we hungout we play sooner for a while which was pretty fun and then we went and play fifa 16 I told him let's have a match and let's see who's better so he said "ok" so he pick his and I pick my team and it was a pretty good game but at the end i lost It was the 5-4

What I'm loving

What I'm loving is my family I love my family so much and I love hanging out with my friends and playing with them. I love playing soccer and basketball some other things that I love is going to the movies and go shopping. I love spending time with my family playing with them. I love my shoes. Does are some things that I love what are some things that you like?

Big Nate Game On

The book I read is called Big Nate Game On the book is about this kid name Nate who is in 3 sports he's in basket ball, baseball, and soccer he doesn't want to do unmistakable swagger. He wants to be perfect in the sports that he's in he doesn't want to do any mistakes. I like this book because It talks about sports and I like playing sports i like playing basketball and soccer. Read to find out if Nate makes mistakes or not. Do you think you could read this book?


The poet is saying that is saying what are the things that you wouldn't live without that's what is saying. I like this poem because it telling you what important things are important to others. The poem is mostly about what important things are to others. Overall I like this poem. What do you think about this poem?


I love listening to music. I couldn't live without music I love music a lot the music that I like to listen is hip hop and Mexican music but I listen more to hip hop because I just love it my favorite rappers are Montana of 300,chief keep, lil uzi vert, 21 savage, Kodak black, lil yachts, famous dex, lud foe those are all the rappers that I listen to. What's your favorite type of music to listen to?


A advice that my mom had giving me is  " to never give up on something you really want"  and that's true never give up on something you really want. I want PS4 and I have to fight for it. So my parents could buy it for me I have to be good get good grades and stay out of trouble in school. I'm trying to get good grades and stay out of trouble. And I know I could do it I just have to believe in myself. What's one advice someone has giving you or that you have given to someone?

Big Nate on a roll

the book I read is called Big Nate on a roll and it's by Lincoln Peirce. The genre of this book is realistic fiction.this book about this kid called Nate he's a scout and they had a meeting he was supposed to meet with his friend teddy but Nate didn't made it because he bump into a lady and a dog with his skateboard and his skateboard flew of under the bridge. He got to his friend house but the meeting was over the meeting was about they are having a fundraiser and another thing is that someone new join and his name is Arthur. So for the fundraiser they have to sell warm fuzzies their wall hangings and the grand prize is a skateboard so the one that sells the more wins the skateboard.
I like this book because it's funny and it's fun to read. Read to find out if Nate wins the skateboard. Do you think you would read this book?

Quote blog

This is one my of my favorite quotes. I like this quote because it motivates me. This quote is saying that you have to fight for what you want and no matter what if spyiur having a bad day just keep on going with your day never give up.

My top 3 movies

Today I will be talking about my top 3 movies I really like watching movies. I have other movies that I i lie but here are my top 3 movie that I really like.

Straight Outta ComptonFast and furious 78 mile  Those are my top 3 movies that i really like what is your favorite movie?

The best soccer team

Today I'm going to be talking about the best soccer team this is my opinion. I think the best soccer team is Barcelona because it basically has like all the best players like Messi, Neymar, Luis Suarez, etc those are the top 3 best players in the soccer team. What's your opinion what team do you think is the best soccer team?


My word for 2017 is hardworking the meaning of hardworking is (of a person) tending to work with energy and commitment; diligent. I choose this word because I think I'm hard worker I do my assignments for class and I do my homework when they give us. And I want to keep up doing my work and making my parents proud.

What I do on vacation

What I do on vacation is sleep 😴, play video games 🎮, Play soccer ⚽️ , go to the mall, watch the tv and stay at my house. What do you like to do on vacation?