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Slice of life 2😆

Sarturday, my dad was gonna take me to go get a new phone for my birthday I was so happy because I wanted this phone for a long time i always wanted it an iPhone. And today is the day I'm gonna get it so I grab the iPhone 7 in matte black because I don't like the jet black so I got it and we had to wait 30 minutes to do the transfer to put all my stuff to the new phone. And I was so excited 😆 because I want it the phone. 30 minutes pass and "the guy said it was all done" and I was so happy and then "I said to my dad thank you" Have you ever been happy for something?

My favorite pets🐶🐻🐼

My favorite pets are Dog,Lions,Panda,Horse,Snake,Alligator,Tiger, Bear, and Owl. My favorite is do because there the cutes thing in the world and because I have a dog and he so cute. What are your favorite animals?

🎁What I want for Christmas 🎁

Hello today I'm gonna talk a bout what I want for Christmas.the first thing are Some new pair of jordans there the Jordan's retro 12 I want the color in black and gold, The  second thing I want is a nike rain jacket its white and black it's a really nice jacket, And the last thing I just want some clothes like pants and shirts and hoodies. Well that's all What do you want for Christmas 🎄 ?

How to use snapchat

Hello today I'm gonna be talking about how to use snap chat so first snap chat is very easy to use it is like a camera but it has filters you could take a selfie and record and you could write something on it and change the colors.You could chat with you're friends too and see there story and make calls from snap chat too but only the friends you have on snap chat. Here is a link on how to use snap chat it gives you more information and tips and tricks you might not know. My favorite snap chat filter is the dog. What is your favorite filter?

What I do on the weekends

Here are some things I do in the weekend

sleep😴homework 📚go out to eat breakfast with my famil. my favorite place to go is cracel barelspend time with my familyPlay videos games🎮Play soccer ⚽️ Hang out with friends😎😜Be on my phone texting 📱And that's it what do you do on your weekends?

Top 5 best soccer players⚽️

1.Lionel Messi
2.Cristiano Ronaldo 3.Gareth Bale
5.Neymar jr