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My favorite brand of shoes

My favorite brands of shoe are Jordan's and Nike those are my favorite brands I like some other but these are the ones that I like more. Some pairs of Jordan's that ihave right now are jordan eclipse and Jordan flight origin 3. For Nike I only have one there air max. Well that's all. What are you favorite-brands of shoes?


My Favorite sport are
That's all my favorite sports i like most soccer and basketball. What are your favorite sports?


Hello today im gonna be talking about how much I loved youtube. I watched youtube almost all the time on my phone. There are so many videos yo can Watch about. You basically can watch anything you want. There's different categories you can watch gaming,entertainment,cooking, science, music, etc. i like watching  soccer videos and funny videos. My favorite youtubers are faze cencor, D&B nation, dashie xp, fousey tube, and xperthief. Well that's all. What are you're favorite youtubers.

Things I do afterschool

Here are something I do afterschool. When I go home I go and change my clothes. Then I go to eat. Then when I'm finished I watch some tv. Then I go do my homework. And then I go outside and play soccer. And then I use my phone for a little bit and then I go to sleep. What do you do afterschool?

Graditute lately

Today I'm tankful for the days I get to spend with my family. And for no homework.
Thankful for my PS3 that I got for Christmas two years ago.

Thankful for my parents because they are the best.

Thankful for my brother he's the best brother I play with him.
Thankful for the wii that i got for my birthday. What are you thankful for?

My favorite video games🎮

The video games that i like are fifa games i have fifa 15,14,10 i like playing fifa with my friend i go his house and all the times i go we play fifa and sometimes he beats me and sometimes i beat him. Another game i like and its my favorite i play it almost all the time is called gta 5. That's my favorite game. Another good game i like is called call of duty black ops 2 i wanna get a the new game that just came out its called call of duty infinite war. And i like fighting games to i like street fighter i like the sound effects on the game i like when they hit you they do ahhh!!!. I like racing games i like racing i like racing with Lamborghini, i like playing with my brother racing him its fun👍. My  question to you is what are your favorite games if you play?


I like soccer, I like to go to the park and play with my friends. I've played in a team before I was a defender and I was pretty good I mean I'm not the best. I like to play with my brother in my backyard and I always beat him he's good. One day I want to be in the Barcelona team.

Slice of life-going to watch Mexico play⚽️

It was the day me and my family were getting ready to go watch Mexico play I forgot who they play with I just know that I was  just exiceted to go see Mexico play. Because it was my first time to go watch  a soccer game. So we got there and all these people were screaming Mexico ya se armo!!! Then i started saying "Mexico ya se armo" And then in a couple minutes later the other team score🙁🙁 but then "everyone started cheering Mexico by saying si se puede si se puede" And I started saying it too. To cheer for my team. And then in the second half in a couple minutes later "Mexico scores 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 Yay" everyone was celebrating and they were saying "si se puede" The game was almost gonna finish we wanted Mexico to score again so they could win. In a couple minutes later they scored and "i said Gooolazo" Mexico has score and everyone was celebrating. And the refari blows the whistle. That was the best game I've ever seen. The End