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Places I like to go

Hi my name Luis places that I like to are go shopping with my family I like when we go to aurora outlets because I get new shoes and new clothes, another place I like to go is to foot Locker to get my shoes, I like to go to the barbershop so I go cut my hair, I like to go to the beach with my family have a cook out like in the grass and then go to swim. And the last one I like to go to the park so i could play soccer with my brother or play with my friends.

About me

Hi my name is Luis im 12 years old im turning 13 in December. Some of the things i like to do is go out with my friends and play soccer at the park, i like to play soccer to with my brother , i like to go on my phone alot im on my phone 24/7 I can't leave it. I like to listen to music i love music my favorite type of music is hip-hop and I like to play on my PS3 i like playing FIFA,Call of duty, gta 5 and street fighter.. My favorite sport is Barcelona.My favorite player is messi i like him because he's good he's the best player in the world in my opinion some people might think he sucks but he's good.i like others but I like more Messi.