This poem is about this person who is in the holocaust and it’s sad and heartbroken inside but they must not lose hope and faith.
I’ve met enough people.
Seldom a human being. Therefore, I will wait until my life’s purpose is fulfilled and you will come.
Though there is anguish deep in my soul –  what if I must search for you forever? –  I must not lose faith, I must not lose hope.

This poem makes me feel sad because the author doesn’t wanna be there in the camp and the author is heartbroken and sad inside because in the poem it saidthat “though there is anguish deep in my soul” and anguish means like sad and
heartbroken. So that makes me feel sad. What do you think?

What I learned about this is that is really hard to do this and sad to learn that many Jews had to go to concentration camps and some of them would die.

Book blog

My favorite book from quarter 3 is dog man and cat kid. Is about dog man and this cat kid and cat kid  is dog mans side kick. And when this new cat called Petey but dressed up as a different person ruins a movie and it’s up to dog man and cat kid to save the world.

Sol#9; boring day

yestarday I didn’t do nothing much I just stayed at my house and watch tv and go on my phone. There was nothing much to do.

Sol#8; going to the holocaust museum

Today the whole 8th grade went to the holocaust and the 7th graders that are in my class ( Ms.brezeks). So we go to the museum and this docent showed us around the museum and everything and it was alright but my favorite part about it was when we went to listen to this survivor story. But I didn’t listen to all of it because I fell asleep. What was your favorite part about the holocaust?

Sol#7; yesterday

Yesterday I went to the park with my friends and we played football and one of us were the runner and the rest of us had to tackle the runner and the runner was angel and me and Jose had to tackle so Jose was running and he tackle angel to ground Hard and angel said that his ribs hurt but he was faking it. But at the end we were all good.

Sol#6; my favorite teams

my favorite teams in soccer are Barcelona,  America, Bayern Munich, Argentina, Brazil, those are all my favorite teams.The one that I like the most is America because I like how they play. some people don't like that team because  they say they cheat and there cry babies but I like them. what are your favorite teams?

Sol#5; My top 5 shoe stores

My 5 top shoe stores I like are
1. Foot locker
2. Finish line
3. Nike
4. House of hoops.
5. Champs
I like these stores because that’s were I get my shoes. What stores do you like?