Sol; #4 some of my favorite activities

What are some of my favorite activities are I like playing soccer with my friends  and I like too play basketball too I like going to the park with my friends and play football or soccer. I also like going on my phone. What is your favorite activitie to do?

SOL #3; my favorite season

My favorite season is summer because it's the season we're we don't have to wear a jacket, sweater, gloves, scarfs, and we could wear shorts, tank tops and flip flops. I like summer to because is the season that we get to go outside and play, go to the beach and do cookouts. What's your favorite season?

Sol#2; what I do on the weekends

On the weeken I usually sleep because I like sleeping. Then my family and I go out to eat.what I do too is I hangout with my friends. I go to the park too  and play soccer. Another thing that I do on the weekend is text with my friends. Sometimes me and my family go shopping. What I do on the weekends too is spend time with my family and have fun. What are something that you do not the weekends

Sol#1:the time I went to angels to celebrate his birthday

It was on Frebuary 13th me, Jose A and angel were walking to angels house to hangout. And we got there and we started playing fortnite and we each had a turn. Then we angels mom came home and she brought a cake and we sang happy birthday to him.

One word blog

something that is going well with my word is that I’m putting in more effort in my work & listening more in class. I’ve been putting more effort in doing signpost. Something I need to work on is to stop talking to and laughing. And I need to put more eefort in participating more in class. What is your word?

Slice of life

On Sunday I went to angels house and we hang out and when we were playing fort nite ( fortnite is a game we’re u have to survive and kill people) and I got a bush and what it does is that u become a bush and you can hide with the other bushes and they won’t see u. And we play some other games and that was it. Then I had to leave and angel got on his bike and he was riding it and I got on the pegs and he was riding it and then we fell and we were just laughing.and I got home.