Here I sit on a rock
in front of the campfire.
One branch after another
is snatched by the fire.
the forest recedes.
Fire makes one reflect….
Terezin is all I think about.
But now memories gather ‘round me
like the falling leaves.
Fall is here.
The leaves turn yellow on the trees,
the campfire dies out.
My thoughts are far from here,
somewhere far,t
where integrity lives.
It lives in my friend.
Now I think of her.
Memories gather ‘round me
Like the falling leaves.


  1. I like how you used symbols as a way to say the information. I see the campfire represents the concentration camps. Why didn't you color it more? You put many useful information, and it helped me understand the poem. Like when you wrote, "the leaves turn yellow on the trees, the fire dies out.." When you explained your thinking, it helped me understand that piece in the poem. I feel like you didn't color it because the holocaust isn't a good thing, and you weren't sure on what colors to portray.

  2. The poem is very sad and depressing. I think he lost his friend and he is in huge pain. I like your buttefly and I like how uou explained well and drew a picture for every part of the poem. Is the person writing a poem a boy or a girl?

  3. This poem really makes me think because it makes me fell like sad because I think this poem means that someone that is like dying out as everything starts to go alway. But why would he or she be sad? If I wrote his poem I would have looked it up on the web and to find out a little bit of it

  4. I like how you drew the trees to represent the forest. Nice butterfly. In the poem it says " Now I think of her" I'm wondering who is her? What did she do? After reading your poem it makes me feel like the child experience some bad things during the camp because the poem said " Terezin is all I think about". On your thinglink you talk about the camp fire and how it represents the concentration camp I agree because the camp is like a dark and a place you don't want to go near just like fire you want to go near it or you will get burned.

  5. I think the one who wrote the the poem was a girl because she said that that was the last time she saw her friend and since the female and male are separated in the camp I believe she is a girl

  6. 'Memories gather round me like the falling leaves' shows how his head is overwhelmed with different thoughts. What do you think they might be thinking about? I think maybe all the horrific things that may have happened during the camps. I love how you put a lot of tress to show the very large open minded thoughts.

  7. First of all I like your butterfly I like it how you colored it with all those trees but don't you have to put more like leaves 🍃 falling from the threes and then I like your poem when it says "memories gather around me like the falling leaves.

  8. Your butterfly is nice drowned,but I think you should have draw leaves falling down. I think that you explain everything good on the thinglink .Like how you said The campfire represent concentration camp. Everything else was really good except for the thing I mention already.The text says "here I sit on a rock in front of the campfire." This means killing Jews ,that part was really good.The person who wrote this pass by a lot of suffering and bad thing during that part of period.Who is it by??

  9. I like your butterfly. Very unique! I liked how you drew the trees to represent the branches getting snatched by the fire. As you said on the annotation for the trees, behind the meaning of that is representing people getting killed. I have a question, why did you put a smile on the butterfly's face? I think you did that because at the end it says "Now I think of her, memories gather around me like the falling leaves" As like he feels happy when he thinks back about memories. One last thing, the poem is very dark. Very sad. I feel like one of the strongest line is, "One branch after another is snatched by the fire." I feel like the fire is the bad people.

  10. I like how you drew your butterfly because how you portrayed that the fire was their and now the fire is their. And I think the author wrote this in fall.

  11. Your butterfly looks good but how ever wrote the poem looks so sad because the writer said that was the last time to see her friend and that's so sad for the writer and her friend

  12. Nice job adding color and your drawings are great! Your poem to me has a lot of meaning and representations within itself. I feel like the representation of the trees and the falling of the leaves represents the falling or the dying of the Jews. What to you think about my hypothesis? Do you think this is accurate? I also feel like this author is in a dream because he talks about him being in a dream. I feel like there are many ways to look at this poem and I would like to agree with my hypothesis. I feel like it is a good guess on what your poem represents. Nice job on your poem ! Hope your butterfly lives

  13. I like how you desing your butterfly is nice and how it represents each part of the poem, but why you didn't put more colors. I think that person is remembering all the people that he knew.

  14. Your butterfly looks nice. What does "Like the falling leaves" mean? I think it means that all of there bad memories have been forgotten about and there looking for good memories now.

  15. I like the design of the kid sitting on a rock showing what the kid said come to life, and the fire burning as the child said " Here I sit on a rock in front of a campfire" I think the kid had a friend


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